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  2. Jim says:

    Take a look at the video in the Source section of this aenwsr. It may not directly aenwsr your question about fixing your slice, but it talks more about the swing timing and take-back. I fixed my slice by drawing the driver straight back from the ball until my natural body rotation lifted the club from the ground and then behind me. Do not pause in your backswing, go directly but smoothly into a forward motion. As you strike the ball, try to throw your hands towards your target, following through with your swing high and above your shoulders, not behind you like a baseball swing. The video shows an excellent practice method that should help fix your slice. Set up like normal, then lift the driver just above the ball. Like a pendulum, rotate your upper torso to swing the driver towards your target, then directly into your backswing. Without stopping your backswing, make a smooth transition into your forward swing and followthough by turning your torso toward your target (belt buckle facing target). If it sounds confusing, watch the video below. It really will help. Good Luck!

    • Hichem says:

      Match play is a hole by hole you win a hole by getting less on it then the perosn you are playing. You win the match by winning more holes than your opponent. Each golf course is different as far as par. some are 70 ands ome are 72 depending on the length of the course.

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    • Qualitas says:

      Match play is the original and psuret form of golf competition. In match play two players play against each other hole by the hole, for 18 holes usually. A player wins a hole by having the lowest score on that hole. If the players tie their scores then the hole is halved The player winning the most holes in the match, wins the match. Rules are a little different than stroke’ play which is simply adding all your strokes for the stipulated round. Golf courses can be any par really, par for a hole is determined by how many strokes an expert would need to reach the green and 2 more for putts. Example a 150 yard hole would be a par 3 while a 550 yard hole would be a par 5. In your local library there are many good books that can describe all of this in detail. It is the greatest game in the world, learn and enjoy it.

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