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f_2nikg39.jpgThe golf swing impact position is important to have correct if you want to play good golf consistently. The first key to playing better golf is to have solid contact with the ball. A good impact position will allow you to hit your shots more solidly which will lead to a better ball flight and more distance. There are a few helpful keys in your setup and in your golf swing that can help you achieve a better impact position.

The first key to a solid impact position is to have your hands lead slightly ahead of the golf ball when coming into impact. This is especially important with your irons. In order to strike the ball solidly, you want to hit down on the ball. The loft of the club is what makes it go up in the air. Trying to lift, scoop, or help the golf ball into the air can lead to problems associated with the impact position.

Having a square club face is another important part to having a good impact position in your golf swing. It is quite logical that the longer the club face can stay square at the bottom of the swing arc, the better your chances are of hitting the ball solidly. A square club face will also help you hit your shots straighter as well. A good golf swing path combined with a square club face is a powerful combination which will lead to great golf for a long time to come.

The third key to getting a good impact position is to be in line with the ball as you are hitting it. Often times, golfers can make the mistake of either hanging back too much on their back foot or they get too far ahead of the ball before contact. Generally, hanging back on the right leg too much can cause a player to hit behind the golf ball too much causing fat golf shots. Thin golf shots will occur if the golfer gets too far ahead of the golf ball at impact. The torso or upper body needs to be in line with the ball at impact to produce a solid, consistent hit with the golf club on the golf ball.

Sometimes, there are ways to improve your golf swing fastest by simply thinking about or focusing on the right thing. For example, trying to consciously lead with your hands at impact can be a difficult thing to do by itself. However, if you set your wrists earlier on the backswing, you form a strong right angle between your right forearm and the club shaft which can then be maintained in the downswing. This will produce what is called lag in the golf swing and the hands will naturally be able to lead as you are swinging through the golf ball at impact.


  1. Farah says:

    Stance: with long irons you want the ball more towards the front of your santce due to the longer shaft of the club. This will be further forward for your woods and driver. With you mid and short irons you can place the ball dead center. With your wedges, try placing the ball a little further back in your santce. Visualization: Before striking the ball, picture how it’s going to leave your club and where it’s going to wind up. Do this every shot, this will keep you focused. Sometimes you have to break the urge to just get up there and hit it. I used to hold the club using interlocked (forefinger of left hand interlocked thru pinky of right hand). I found that I could hit the ball, but really couldn’t get through. Now I use the Pinky over the left fore finger knuckle, this allows me to accelerate better and hit the ball crisper. Bad day: if you are having a bad day and you’re slicing or hooking, adjust your santce to use it. This will save your score on this particular day. Go to the range afterward and see what was causing this condition. If you are consistantly short, club up. Long, club down. Putting, try to work on speed more than read, this will almost always get you closer to the cup than a sissied putt. these are just a few pointers that I need to remind my self of when playingGood luck Was this answer helpful?


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